Final Piece

My FMP is based on Indie fashion and music and how it inspires us to dress. I have included information in my book and carried out experiments I also have a source of videos on my blog too. I decided to do my final piece as soon as I researched Damien hirst when he gave me the idea of layering installations, which I Loved the idea of and it inspired me greatly. I knew that I wanted to base my final piece around either silhouettes of models for Indie fashion or The 1975 stage with all the different coloured lights. I decided to use acetate when I printed some photos of the 1975 stage of them (which are seen in my book). I  thought it was rather creative, so at first I begun to experiment by using 2 layers of acetate and sketching the 1975 stage on them, however it just didn’t look right and I didn’t think that coloured marker pen for the coloured squares would of gone well either! (Which is also in my art book).That’s when I began to draw the outlines in marker and tried the colours with acrylic paint. I’m very happy with the outcome. However I’m not quite sure how to display it. I have placed the outline layer of acetate on top of the coloured backgrounds as seen below: IMG_0656IMG_0658IMG_0659IMG_0660IMG_0661IMG_0662IMG_0663IMG_0664IMG_0665IMG_0666IMG_0667IMG_0668

Model Photos for FMP

I took these primary photographs of my boyfriend Kyle and his sisters to show how the Indie genre inspires people to dress a certain way…